Technical Sessions

Technical Sessions

This year’s program features 31 technical sessions with a wide range of topics that present practical applications, project experience, and lessons learned in all disciplines and areas of expertise in the wastewater field.  View Program >>

Monday, January 22

Technical Sessions 1–5 (8:30–10:30 AM)

  • CSO/Wet Weather 1: Innovations in CSO Management
  • Collection Systems 1: To Dig or Not to Dig, That is the Question
  • Water Reuse: Old Meets New – Water Reuse Treatment and Regulation
  • Government Affairs: “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country”
  • Water For People: Globale Perspectives on Water and the Environment

Opening Session (11:00 AM)
Professional Poster Board Displays/Session (8:30 AM–4:30 PM)

Technical Sessions 6–11 (2:00–4:30 PM)

  • Young Professionals
  • Stormwater 1: Stormwater Resiliency Planning for an Uncertain Future Climate
  • Utility Mgmt: Preparing and Planning for the Future Management of Utilities
  • Residuals 1: Lessons Learned from Municipal Solids Planning
  • Energy 1: Tales of Energy Efficiency and Lessons Learned
  • Small Community: Practical Solutions for Small Community Problems

Tuesday, January 23

Collage Student Poster Board Competition (9:00 AM–3:30 PM)

Technical Sessions 12–16 (9:00–11:30 AM)

  • Operator Ingenuity
  • Plant Operations 1: Nutrients
  • Sustainability: Sustainable Energy – Creating Food from Waste
  • Collection Systems 2: Pumped for Resilience
  • Asset Mgmt. 1: Planning

Technical Sessions 17–22 (1:30–4:00 PM)

  • Plant Operations 2: Cost Cutting Case Studies
  • Stormwater 2: MS4 Community Strategies for Effective Stormwater Management
  • HOT TOPIC: PFAS/Perfluorinated Compounds – Regulatory Concerns are Impacting Wastewater & Residuals Management
  • Safety: Safety is Only as Strong as the Weakest Link
  • Workforce Development: Attracting the Next Generation to the Water Quality Profession
  • CSO/Wet Weather 2: Smart CSO Planning and Optimization

Wednesday, January 24

Technical Sessions 23–27 (8:30–11:00 AM)

  • Private Inflow: Navigating Private Inflow in Public Communities
  • Energy 2: Finding Energy Savings in Resource Recovery
  • Industrial Wastewater: Industrial Discharger’s Opportunities for Studying Non-Traditional Pollutant Loading, Stormwater Compliance Strategy and FOG Mitigation
  • Stormwater 3: Sustainable Stormwater Management, Green Infrastructure and Other Innovative Ideas
  • Plant Operations 3: Plant Upgrades from Planning Through Construction

Technical Sessions 28–31 (1:00–3:00 PM)

  • Collection System  3: An Odor! An Inline Storage! My Kingdom for Alternative Delivery
  • Residuals 2: Enhanced Concepts in Biosolids and Residuals Management
  • Asset Mgmt. 2: Technology
  • Watershed Mgmt.: The Many Scales of Watershed Management – Case Studies from the River, Pond and Site Perspectives