Student Activities

Student Activities

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Student Poster Competition

NEWEA’s Student Activities Committee will be hosting a Poster Competition on Tuesday, January 29 from 9:00AM – 3:30PM with a dedicate time with the presenters from 11:00AM-12:30PM.  Cash Prizes will be awarded for best graduate and undergraduate posters.  Awards Ceremony at 3:15pm in the Innovation Pavilion (3rd floor atrium)

Undergraduate Posters

  • Community Based Capstone Project: A Study and Reflection on Stormwater Management Maintenance – Annelise Boylan, Evan Raffi, Daniel Petrovic, Andrew Gaughan, Tarek Aldawalibi; Roger Williams University
  • The Bbanda Distribution System – Providing Clean, Accessible Water to the People of Bbanda, Uganda – Peter Botticello, Jeffery Ling, Allison Murray; Northeastern University
  • Wastewater Treatment Microbiology – Ryann Yearwood, Sultan Alyami; University of Hartford
  • Mycoremediation as a Removal Method for E. coli in Natural Systems – Tijana Cooley Ojaswi Aryal; Smith College
  • Zooplankton Mediated Removal of E. Coli in Natural Systems – Ruby Kohn, Tyler Feeney; Smith College
  • Understanding Biological Nitrogen Removal using Tidal Flow Constructed Wetland Technology for Wastewater Treatment and Water Reuse – Kestral Johnston; Northeastern University
  • Removal of Phosphorus in the New Hartford Treatment Plant – Denise Prussen, Matthew Garneau, Caitlin Cervello, Kaustubh Bhasm; University of Hartford
  • Phosphorus Removal: Springfield Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility – Stephen Tyler Arnold; University of Hartford
  • H2gO: Portable Water Treatment System – Isabella Silverman, Alexa Leone, Ian Hallman; University of Rhode Island
  • Pumps and Valves – Shaun Vasselin, Nick Kennedy, Robert Joie; University of Hartford
  • An evaluation of point of use water treatment methods – Hannah Wharton; UMass-Amherst
  • The Effect of Acetate, Butyrate, and Propionate on the Efficiency of Double Chamber Microbial Fuel Cells – Isabella Cobble; UMass-Amherst

Graduate Posters

  • Modeling of Beta Blocker Biotransformation by Denitrifying Mixed Culture Communities – Amy Hunter; Tufts University
  • The Emergent Risk of Food Waste Recovery: Characterizing the Contaminants in MSW Organics from Different Sources – Astha Thakali; University of Maine
  • Method for and Characterization of Novel Anammox Composition Reactor Chemistry to Support In-Situ Sensing for Real-Time Process Controls – Umang Chauhan; Northeastern University
  • The Resiliency and Performance of Oxygenic Photogranules Under Light-Induced Stress Conditions – Sam Downes; UMass-Amherst
  • Bench Scale Examination of Acid Mine Drainage Addition to Municipal Wastewater for Co-treatment – Charles Spellman Jr., Travis Tasker, Joseph Goodwill, William Strosnider; University of Rhode Island
  • Managing Disinfection Byproduct Formation Using an Energy Efficient LED-UV Disinfection System – Hichem Hadjeres; University of Rhode Island
  • Exploring the potential of Citizen Science through evaluation of commercial water quality test kits – LeighAnn D’Andrea; UMass-Amherst
  • Real-time in situ monitoring of water and air flow velocity using flat flexible thin mm-sized resistance-typed sensor film (MRSF) – Yingzheng Fan; University of Connecticut
  • Real-time, in situ monitoring of nitrogen dynamics in wastewater treatment processes using wireless, solid-state, and ion-selective membrane (S-ISM) sensors – Yuankai Huang; University of Connecticut
  • Closing the Knowledge Gaps in Intermittent Water Supply: An Experimental Lab-scale Pipeloop for the Investigation of Intermittent Water Supply – Mariam Alkattan; UMass-Amherst

Scavenger Hunt

Participate in a fun and stress free scavenger hunt during NEWEA’s Annual Conference.  Pick up form at the onsite registration desk and get ready to have fun.  Prizes awarded!

Poster Competition Awards Presentation

The Student Activities Committee will be holding the Poster Competition Awards Presentation for all students on Tuesday afternoon in the 3rd floor Atrium from 3:14-4:00pm.  Join fellow students, meet young professionals and key members of NEWEA.

All events sponsored by the NEWEA’s Student Activities Committee