Technical Sessions

Technical Sessions

This year’s program features 32 technical sessions with a wide range of topics that present practical applications, project experience, and lessons learned in all disciplines and areas of expertise in the wastewater field.  View Program >>

Monday, January 27

Technical Sessions 1–5 (8:30–10:30 AM)

  • Asset Management 1: Case Studies and Tools
  • Collection System 1: Modeling/l/l
  • Stormwater 1: Tools of the Stormwater Trade
  • Contaminants of Emerging Concern: Monitoring and Treating PFAS, Pharmaceuticals, and PCPs
  • Small Community: Potpourri

Opening Session (11:00 AM)

Technical Sessions 6–11 (2:00–4:30 PM)

  • Government Affairs: GAC Regulators Roundtable
  • CSO/Wet Weather 1: Long Term CSO Control Plans—Creating or Assessing
  • Plant Operations 1: Data/Instrumentation
  • Residuals 1: Operation Issues and Residuals Management
  • Energy: Multi-Faceted Approach to Energy Optimization
  • Innovation: Advantage, Innovation! New Technologies to Solve Operational Problems

Tuesday, January 28

College Student Poster Board Competition (9:00 AM–3:30 PM)

Technical Sessions 12–17 (9:00–11:30 AM)

  • Collection System 2: Pumping
  • Energy/Residuals Joint: Energy Optimization for Selected Processes
  • Operator Ingenuity: Wastewater Treatment Facilities Throughout New England— A Virtual Tour from the Operator’s Perspective
  • Plants Operations 2: Emerging Issues
  • Stormwater 2: Panel Discussion—Alternative Strategies for Managing Nutrients in Stormwater
  • Water Reuse: Planning, Permitting, Technology and Trials

Technical Sessions 18–23 (1:30–4:00 PM)

  • Collection System 3: CMOM/Asset Management
  • Industrial Wastewater Treatment: Chemistry Advances Improve Treatment Technologies and Processes
  • Plant Operations 3: Wet Weather/Upgrades
  • Residuals 2: Regulatory Issues and Other Hot Topics
  • Safety Forum
  • Watershed Management: New Tools and Technology for a Changing World

Wednesday, January 29

Technical Sessions 24–28 (8:30–11:00 AM)

  • Asset Management 2: Panel Discussion—Show Us the Money! Funding Opportunities from Asset Management through Construction
  • Sustainability 1: Making Positive Gains Toward Sustainable Outcomes
  • CSO/Wet Weather 2: Projects Big and Bigger in CSO
  • Plant Operations 4: Technologies
  • Stormwater 3: Green Infrastructure — Sizing, Implementing & Maintaining our Stormwater Infrastructure

Technical Sessions 29–32 (1:00–3:00 PM)

  • Stormwater 4: Flood Mitigating Solutions, from Technology to Implementation
  • Collection System 4: Various Topics
  • Utility Management: Leading Utilities into the Future
  • Youth Education: Is Stormwater One Word or Two? Getting the MS4 Word(s) Out