Technical Sessions

Technical Sessions

This year’s program features 34 technical sessions with a wide range of topics that present practical applications, project experience, and lessons learned in all disciplines and areas of expertise in the wastewater field.  View Program >>

Monday, January 28

Technical Sessions 1–6 (8:30–10:30 AM)

  • Public Education: Greening Our World – Community Involvement in Stormwater Quality Improvements
  • Utility Management I: Making Utilities Resilient
  • Watershed Management: Solutions Without Borders – Data Collection and Modeling for Watershed Management
  • Government Affairs
  • Stormwater I: Not Knowing What You Don’t Know – Finding a Path to a Resilient Solution
  • CSO/Wet Weather I: Combined Sewer Overflow and Wet Weather Plannings

Opening Session (11:00 AM)
Professional Poster Board Displays/Session (8:30 AM–4:30 PM)

Technical Sessions 7–12 (2:00–4:30 PM)

  • Plant Operations I: Pushing the Limit on Phosphorus Removal
  • Collection Systems I: I/I Collection Systems
  • Asset Management I: Optimize your Capital Cost Outputs – What Matters Most?
  • Young Professionals
  • Sustainability I: Mitigating the Risk and Adaptively Responding to Changing Conditions
  • Energy: Tried and True Projects That will Save Your Facility Energy and Money

Tuesday, January 29

Collage Student Poster Board Competition (9:00 AM–3:30 PM)

Technical Sessions 13–18 (9:00–11:30 AM)

  • Asset Management 2: Condition Assessment
  • Plant Operations 2: WRRF Upgrades and Case Studies
  • Utility Management 2: Effective Program Management
  • Operator Ingenuity: Wastewater Treatment Facilities Throughout New England
  • Residuals: Advances in Biosolids Planning and Treatments
  • Safety: The Top 10 of Safety and Security

Technical Sessions 19–23 (1:30–4:00 PM)

  • Plant Operations 3: WRRF Optimization Upgrades
  • Collection System 2: Pumping Resilience
  • Industrial Wastewater: Resurgence of Industrial Wastewater Treatment and Regulatory Opportunities
  • WaterReuse: Across the Country and in Your Own Back Yard
  • Stormwater 2: Shades of Green & Gray – Promoting GI & LID in Design

Wednesday, January 30

Technical Sessions 24–29 (8:30–11:00 AM)

  • Small Community: Coastal Solutions and Outreach Approaches
  • Asset Management 3: Big Data – How to Efficiently Capture Data and Use it Effectively
  • Micro constituents: Assessment and Treatment of Contaminants of Emerging Concern
  • Stormwater 3: MS4 Compliance – Panel Discussion from all New England Communities
  • Sustainability 2: Considering Innovative Strategies to Achieve Improved Efficiency and Sustainability
  • Collection System 3: Rehabilitation Issues

Technical Sessions 30–34 (1:00–3:00 PM)

  • Energy/Residuals Joint: Resource Recovery – Maximizing Energy Generation
  • CSO/Wet Weather 2: Green Wet Weather Solutions
  • Stormwater 4: MS4 Compliance – Building on Progress Made as We Start a New Chapter
  • Water for People: Global Solutions for Increasing Access to Safe Water
  • Collection System 4: Tidal Issues